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We can evaluate your site, collateral materials, and presentation tools for consistency, congruence, and marketability. 


Topic help. Site copy. One-sheets. Bios.

Book edits. Content curation. Ghostwriting. We do it all. 

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From branding and re-branding to landing pages to edits and programming, we've got you covered.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our clients think of our work?

"In my message to audiences, I emphasize the very real need to STAND OUT from the crowd and go the extra mile in order to succeed today. Julie Escobar helps me do that with more ease, less stress, and attention to detail. With her team managing my site, and using a wide spectrum of tools, I can stay top of mind with clients, connected with audiences, and have peace of mind that nothing falls through the cracks. You won't find a team that is more fun to work with, more professional, or has you back quite like this one!"

Connie Podesta

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, CSP,  Author

"If you want someone who can find your voice, create quality work and turn it around quickly, hire Julie. She knows how to make your words come to life on paper, on your website, and in your marketing materials. Julie is fabulous and I highly recommend her."

Neen James

Business Keynote Speaker, CSP, Author

“Julie Escobar is a rare and special talent for speaking, writing and professional collaboration. Whether I have needed sizzling copy for marketing, content development for book writing, a refined strategy for products, or tantalizing titles for “kick-ass cadence,” Julie delivers masterful guidance and creativity EVERY time! As an author, speaker, coach, and change expert, I cannot imagine being in this business without her. You would be wise to make her an intrinsic part of your dream team for your present and future success. Her intuitive ability to make you shine is priceless!”

Susan Young

Keynote Speaker, Author, Change Expert

"Julie Escobar was the answer to a prayer I didn't even know how to pray.  Being in the coaching and speaking field, I tend to write "grant speak" using terminology that only those in my arena understand. I was beyond frustrated trying to write content for my website, marketing materials and book cover.  Then I met Julie.  She took what I had written and turned it into copy that made me giggle.  I love how I look through her words!!!  I HIGHLY recommend Julie to anyone looking for a polished image.  Her work is truly priceless!!!"

Cheri Neal

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, Public Service Professional

"Are you a Speaker, Trainer, or Coach?  If so, your WORDS count (and not just your word count)!  For years I have written my own web site copy in a frantic manner, tossing phrases and sentences at the internet, hoping they’d land.  It wasn’t until hiring Julie Escobar that I finally found a true partner in unleashing the power of the right words, the meaning so challenging to get across, as I gave her the reins to shift the message in a concise way that I had longed to convey.  Knowing my brand and having her new eyes see it, construct consumable phrasing, amplify my selling, and transforming my positioning in the market, Julie has been the ultimate behind the scenes expert to upgrading my content’s stickiness.  I recommend her to anyone looking to invest in themselves, their career, and changing lives with the Power of Words."  

Jason Hewlett

Keynote Speaker, CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame Leadership Expert

"Trusting someone with your brand, your words, your membership, and your business is no small thing. It's everything. As speakers, our skill set is on the stage and delivering messages to audiences with passion and purpose. Before we can get to those stages, however, the words on our sites, blogs, collateral pieces, articles, and books -- define who we are as speakers and storytellers in the eyes of meeting professionals and clients. That's where it is just smart business to bring in an experience professional.  Julie Escobar is so much more than a copywriter and consultant. She's become my right arm, compass, content curator, marketing guru - and so much more. We couldn't do it without her and we wouldn't want to try!"

Darryl Davis

Motivational Keynote Speaker, CSP, Author, Coach, Real Estate Expert

In our business – time management is a MUST.  So is surrounding yourself with the best people possible to help you share your vision, keep your business moving forward and connect with your customers and prospects.   Julie Escobar has been the perfect fit to help our team do all of that and more!

Floyd Wickman

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, CSP, CPAE

"Julie Escobar is the must work with consultant and copywriter for speakers, trainers, and coaches. She gets us, gets our businesses, gets our branding, and gets that whatever we need -- we usually need YESTERDAY. She's the best at getting things done right the first time. Hire her! You'll never be disappointed!" 

Judy LaDeur

Business Keynote Speaker, Coach, Real Estate Expert

“Julie is so much more than a copywriter. At times, she’s your right arm when a project deadline is looming. She's efficient, fun and gets the job done. In our business, it's invaluable to have a creative resource we can rely on. If you need a writer, ghostwriter, idea-bouncer, copy strategist or writer's block un-locker…call Julie! You'll always be glad you did.”

Amy McCready

Motivational Speaker, Today Show Contributor,  Author, Coach

“What an incredible difference Julie has made in my business. Fresh off the Escobar press, I sent my new communication workshop and keynote descriptions to a prospective client – and I got the gig! Talk about immediate results! Not only that but Julie is fun, quick, and easy to work with. I’m convinced she has super-powers. Hire her and I guarantee you’ll be glad that you did!”

Susanne Gaddis

Communications Keynote Speaker, PHD, CSP, CEO

“As a professional speaker and coach, making the most of my time is essential. Hiring a company like Speaker's Choice Consulting to creatively and expertly manage social media, drive new leads and keep your name top of mind is just smart business. It allows you more time to best serve your audiences and coaching members, AND have time for family.”

Roberta Ross

Business Coach, Speaker, Author

“Working with Julie and her team have taken my business to a new level in terms of creative copy writing, marketing, and helping speakers, coaches and trainers take their business further with less frustration than trying to do it all on your own. Whether you're new in this industry or you're ready to kick things up and give your site, your content and your career a needed face-lift, Speaker's Choice is the team to call!”

Jonathan Edison

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, Business Coach



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