• Julie Escobar was the answer to a prayer I didn't even know how to pray.  Being in the coaching and speaking field, I tend to write "grant speak" using terminology that only those in my arena understand. I was beyond frustrated trying to write content for my website, marketing materials and book cover.  Then I met Julie.  She took what I had written and turned it into copy that made me giggle.  I love how I look through her words!!!  I HIGHLY recommend Julie to anyone looking for a polished image.  Her work is truly priceless!!!
    Cheri Neal, Coach, Speaker, Author
    Cheri Neal
  • “Julie is so much more than a copywriter. At times, she’s your right arm when a project deadline is looming. She's efficient, fun and gets the job done. In our business, it's invaluable to have a creative resource we can rely on. If you need a writer, ghostwriter, idea-bouncer, copy strategist or writer's block un-locker… call Julie! You'll always be glad you did.”

    Amy McCready, Founder, Positive Parenting Solutions Motivational Speaker, Author

    Amy McCready
  • If you want someone who can find your voice, create quality work and turn it around quickly, hire Julie. She knows how to make your words come to life on paper, on your website, and in your marketing materials. Julie is fabulous and I highly recommend her.


    Neen James

    Business Motivational Keynote Speaker

    Author, Attention Expert

    Neen James
  • SusanneSmallWhat an incredible difference Julie has made in my business.  Fresh off of the Escobar press, I sent my new communication workshop and keynote descriptions to a prospective client - and I got the gig!  Talk about immediate results!  Not only that but Julie is fun, quick, and easy to work with.  I'm convinced she has super-powers.  Hire her and I guarantee you'll be glad that you did!  
    Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, CEO
    Keynotes, Training, Coaching
    Dr. Susanne Gaddis
  • "Billy ArcementIf you need to convert average copy for your website into 'sell-able' language, I’d recommend Julie. She is pleasant to work with and really captures the essence of who you are as a speaker." Billy Arcement Motivational Speaker Trainer, Consultant, Coach  
    Billy Arcement
  • Judy LadeurI always tell my clients to delegate those things that take them away from what they do best and what drives their bottom line.  Knowing Julie and her team are always there to handle the details is a must for me and anyone serious about growing their speaking or coaching business.  They're fun, engaging and on top of whatever needs to be done.  And that's a combination worth it's weight for ANYONE in this industry! Judy LaDeur Real Estate Recruiting Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant
    Judy LaDeur, Real Estate Recruiting Speaker and Coach
  • Jonathan EdisonWorking with Julie and her team have taken my business to an doing in terms of creative copy writing, marketing, and helping speakers, coaches and trainers take their business further with less frustration than trying to do it all on your own.  Whether you're new in this industry or you're ready to kick things up and give your site, your content and your career a needed face-lift, Speaker's Choice is the team to call! Jonathan Edison Motivational Keynote Speaker Author, Consultant
    Jonathan Edison, Business Motivational Speaker
  • In my business - time management is a MUST.  So is surrounding yourself with the best people possible to help you share your vision, keep your business moving forward and connect with your customers and prospects.   Julie and her team at Speaker's Choice Consulting have been the perfect fit to help our team do all of that and more! Floyd Wickman Hall of Fame Motivational Real Estate Speaker Author, Coach  
    Floyd Wickman, CSP, CPAE, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, Keynote Speaker
  • When the team at Speaker’s Choice Consulting partnered with me, my online brand and communications were brought to a new level of creativity.  Their collaborative style and keen understanding of my unique business, gave me peace of mind.  They’re ability to connect with me was phenomenal, and continues through their intuitive and pro-active approach.  I consider them cornerstones to the success and growth of my business!
    Carmen Carrozza, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach
  • “Wow.  Just everything you’d need or want in an online partner.  Timely, efficient, effective, affordable and best of all – not a headache in the world.  Peace of mind?  Call Speaker’s Choice.”
    Marlene Crawford, Owner, Your Mortgage Source, Inc.
  • "Julie and her team at Speaker's Choice Consulting are smart, creative, quick to respond, and right on target with what I need. Most important to me, I can trust them to tell me the truth and lead me in the right direction. They are truly committed to my success." Jean Gatz Motivational Keynote Speaker Author, Coach    
    Jean Gatz, International Keynote Speaker and Award Winning Author
  • “Julie and the team at Speaker’s Choice has become, more than anything else, a creative partner for me.   Her expertise, energy, and enthusiasm for getting things done has moved me toward accomplishing my goals more rapidly than I expected. She is accessible, professional, and offers the personal service that I need. Another client of hers recommended her to me, saying, ‘This is the person who will get you to the next level’.  She certainly has!” Beth Taylor, Speaker, Coach, Author
    Beth Taylor, Certified PATH Coach
  • “I couldn’t have asked for, or dreamed of, a more professional, creative, accessible team to work with than Julie and Rob from Speaker’s Choice. The moment I made contact with them I knew I was in the right hands. They understood what I was looking for and created my “brand” in record time. They covered every detail, from important content to beautiful layout and graphics, to create a website and brand that surpasses all my expectations.    I receive unsolicited compliments daily from visitors to my site.  They are the brightest jewels in the box!”
    Tracy Bell, Keynote Speaker
  • “Julie and her team at Speaker’s Choice are just fun to work with and I always know that when a project is in their hands – it will be timely and perfect.  My clients love the letter libraries they created and keep coming back because of it!  If you want to be sure you've got the right talent to take your business to the next level - call them!” 
    Mark Rosenquist, President, SPI Data Solutions
  • “As a professional speaker and coach, making the most of my time is essential. Hiring a company like Speaker's Choice Consulting to creatively and expertly manage social media, drive new leads and keep your name top of mind is just smart business.  It allows you more time to best serve your audiences and coaching members, AND have time for family.” Roberta Ross Six Figure Real Estate Coach Keynote Speaker, Business Consulting
    Roberta Ross, Six Figure Real Estate Coach
  • Motivational Speaker Connie Podesta"In my message to audiences, I emphasize the very real need to STAND OUT from the crowd and go the extra mile in order to succeed today.  I believe the work done by Speaker’s Choice Consulting is an excellent example of that philosophy and find working with her OUTSTANDING!  You won't find a team that is more fun to work with, more professional or has you back quite like this one!" Connie Podesta Hall of Fame Motivational Keynote Speaker Award Winning Author, Game Changer
    Connie Podesta, Motivational Speaker and Award Winning Author