Creative Connections…

When One Thing Leads to Another

by Julie Escobar

I was deep in the creative process this week. Working on a project late one evening with a dear friend and client Susan Young who mentioned she was getting all her “ducks in a row” before heading to Orlando for the NSA17 conference. We both had a flash of inspiration. Why not pack up my “ducks” too and head to the “happiest place on earth” as well? After all, some of my favorite people in the world will be there, and some of those I’ve never actually met in person. I booked a room, made some plans and tonight I set off for Orlando — just for an opportunity to connect with cool people in between breakout sessions and main stage events. 

It’s funny, when I think back, it was a chance conversation that I had with my friend Connie Podesta a few years back that had me packing a bag and heading to Orlando just to hang out with her and watch her deliver her powerful message from a mainstage. I had already worked with her for years, but we never had a chance to meet face-to-face before that. It was wonderful — save that she had a broken foot!  Broken foot and all, however, I picked her up and she said, “Let’s go to Disney World!” I love this woman’s energy and enthusiasm — and serious commitment to magical experience. We had a blast, and it was a chance for us to get to know each other better, as friends as well as business colleagues.

It’s weird sometimes. The life of a copywriter/editor/ghostwriter. You can go so many years and never actually physically meet your clients. When you do, however, it’s like old friendships. It feels good to get away from the screen and in the room with the incredibly talented people I am so blessed to work with. These women and men inspire me on so many levels. Each an expert in their own field, they have so much to teach the world on topics that are extraordinarily important right now. Topics like CHANGE. Like paying ATTENTION to what’s important. Like RESILIENCE. LEADERSHIP. RELATIONSHIPS. When the enter a room, whether they are standing on a stage or meeting you for a cup of coffee, there are light bulbs of creativity that go off.

It’s a good reminder to get out of our comfort zones and into the business of connecting one-on-one.

How can I help THEM help OTHERS? How can I  help take their words and light them on fire so they create more illumination in the world? It’s a beautiful thing when we get together on the other end of an email or phone call. But this weekend, it will be “AH-MAZING” as the brilliant Neen James says to be in the same space and time. Look forward to seeing you ladies and gents! I’ll be there soon! #NSA17 Influence!

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