Easier Said Than Done…

Getting Content Done (The Easy Way)

by Julie Escobar

For most speakers? The idea of sitting down and writing a blog, an article, a white paper — a just about anything content-related feels a lot like WORK. You’re a speaker, not a typist! One of the ways many speakers use us as a resource is to just record a video (or six) of themselves speaking about a particular topic or topics. They write down 3-5 ideas with strategies or insights that they know their clients, coaching members or audiences would benefit from, then turn their camera on and just talk.  Some create a dedicated recording space in their home or office to record, others love using their iPhone to record on the fly and capture the moment in a Facebook Live segment. Whatever way works best for you is great.

Next, they load said videos into a Dropbox file or upload to their YouTube channel and send the links my way. I watch the videos, capture the content in written

form, add more content or context where needed, load it up with the keywords they need, and send back to them or upload to their sites with the appropriate backlinks and SEO magic.  It’s a win-win-win!

  • They get to deliver content in a way that is easiest for them.
  • They’ve now got a new video they can add to their channel.
  • I turn it into copy that is formatted and ready to use on their site.
  • The video can be inserted into their site post.


If you’re like most speakers, coaches and experts, you probably have given this advice to countless of your clients: “Do what you do best and delegate the rest.” That’s what makes this strategy so appealing. Many of my clients set aside time each month to just knock out a few videos and send them my way and let me do the rest for them. That gives them peace of mind that their sites stay fresh and relevant, that they are building content and providing their base of business the resources that they need.  Some even take it one step further and use those fresh articles each month as the foundation for a monthly email blast. It’s a great way to maximize their time and exposure – without doing all the work themselves!

Like this idea? Call me today to see how I can help make your life and job a little easier! 


For over 25 years, I have been helping speakers, coaches, and business professionals create powerful branding. Change perspectives. Create traction. Leverage marketing. Generate referrals. Drive sales. Cultivate results. We’re not a one-size-fits-all consulting firm.  No cookie cutter strategies here!  (Although we are fond of cookies!)  We specialize in customized action plans and solutions that are just right for your business, your budget, your goals. To learn how we can help you stand out, brand out and take your business where you want it to be, contact me at 813.957.2989 for a complimentary consultation.

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