Five Fun Ideas to Market Your Speaking Business

And Have a Little Fun While You’re At It!

I’m often asked what little things speakers and coaches can add to their marketing plans that might help tip the scales in their favor with event planners and clients.

Here are five fun strategies to consider: 

  1. Use your new content and new offerings on your sites as the ‘reason’ to contact past clients, potential clients, and speaking bureaus.  It’s always good to have a great reason to call!
  2. Look at the people you enjoy speaking to the most — and then do a little online research to find companies that are similar and put them on your hit list to contact this year.
  3. Add pages to your site that are industry specific so that you can drive audiences directly to the resources that they need from the stage — and be sure to have an opt-in opportunity there (articles, white papers, videos) so you can grow your email database.
  4. Customize some social media graphics of your own – choose from photos from or a stock photo site of your choice, and overlay your website on some.  You can do one a week or one a day – and re-purpose them for your blog posts!  Pull from your book, or eBook ideas and pull out some quotes or phrases you really like, find a graphic that fits well then overlay the quote and your website over the graphic.
  5. Send a handwritten card to at least five past clients per week.  There’s real magic in that personal touch – especially in an age of digital EVERYTHING.  Keep is simple or look to their site or even google to see if there is anything newsworthy that you can note. For example – if one of your client’s sits is hosting a charity drive — wish them luck with that in your note.  If they have a blog with a great article, reference that — Hi!  I saw your blog post (or press release or article) on (topic).  Great stuff!  Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello and let you know I’m here as a resource if you need anything!  Happy New Year!  (Or St. Patrick’s day, or Easter – or whatever is the ‘it thing’ each month!)

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