Make Like a Musician

Why Staccato Copy Gets Read

by Julie Escobar

It’s funny sometimes.  A while back I had a new client call who absolutely was, “in LOVE with Connie’s copy!” “Awesome”, I said. (She’s amazing after all.) He proceeded to say he needed his entire site overhauled. His web copy, collateral, the works — so that his copy could have that same edgy, sharp, energetic feel to it. No problem. Given that he was an edgy, sharp, up-and-coming speaker in his twenties, it seemed the perfect fit. However … draft after draft that was sent to him with revisions — were sent back, in turn, with the red-pen treatment. Why? It didn’t FEEL correct — because it didn’t READ to him like he had been taught by his 72-year-old English professor. After a heart-to-heart, and a few spectacular ah-ha moments, he was all-in. He loved the new direction. The new edge. And most importantly? The new results.

No disrespect to his English prof! I’m sure she was an amazing scholar and rockstar of the English language. However, we’re writing for the internet here, friends.  And for busy meeting professionals. And Committees. When you’re doing that? You need to capture people’s attention quickly. Find the hand-raisers. And get to the meat of what you want people to know. Why? We live in a different world now. Social media has had a direct impact on the way we process information. We are looking for the bullets. The pieces that fit with ours. Write your copy that way, and you’ll make stronger connections.

Here are seven quick tips: 

  1. Don’t give them a sandwich, when a nugget will do
  2. Think less Encyclopedia Britannica, and more Reader’s Digest
  3. Weave your keywords in with expert precision
  4. Write for your best customer — WIIFM – What’s in it for Me channel
  5. Avoid repetition, cut out the fluff
  6. Answer the questions you already know are in their heads
  7. Always have a call to action

Short and sweet sells. It also makes it easier for you to deliver relevant content more often. If you’ve got a treasure trove of book chapters, old blogs, notes, speaking content, Q&A sessions, etc., you’ve got what you need to keep the content train on track for your site and social media. The key is to break it up and repurpose it all, with PURPOSE.

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